Although we hardly needed a survey to confirm it, it looks like quite a few people will be staying away from a television screen this Friday — YouGov asked 2,000 British adults what their plans were and 35% said that they’d be ignoring the royal wedding completely.

That said, another 35% did say they would be tuning in to watch the proceedings and if you’re going to be one of them, you have a couple of options if you’ll be pitched up somewhere sunny on this extra Bank Holiday.

The BBC simulcasts its programmes online via iPlayer, which means you’ll be able to watch the events taking place in central London from 8.00am on BBC 1 and the wedding itself at 10.00am.

The wedding will also be broadcast live on YouTube on the Royal Channel at, which is “the official channel of the British Monarchy” — presumably Prince Phillip will be capturing the whole thing on his iPhone and uploading it via 3G.

If you can’t wait until Friday to see the royal wedding procession route, Google has also helpfully created a 3D simulation of the journey in Google Earth, although the two-minute flyover isn’t quite the “royal’s eye-view” it claims…

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