We’ve already heard about how Google Street View captured an alleged caravan thief in action when a photo-snapping vehicle passed the victim’s property, but now a Canada-based artist is using the service’s images as part of an ongoing art project.

Jon Rafman’s 9-Eyes.com (named after the nine-lens cameras used for Street View’s 360° images) logs interesting images taken by Google’s Street View vehicles as they drive around the world.

The images are a mix of the beautiful, surprising and sometimes shocking, but it’s a shame Rafman doesn’t link to the originals on Street View so we can see the snaps in their wider context.

The 9-Eyes.com project occupies a single page, so just keep scrolling to see more images at the bottom.

Google Street View isn’t the only potential source of unintentionally candid photographs either, and the globe-spanning nature of Google Maps satellite view has long offered all manner of interesting images for those prepared to scour the surface of the Earth looking for them.