Sun Living is coming into the 2021 season with a slightly more upmarket interior style that dispenses with many of the more unusual features that marked out the budget range’s major revamp three seasons ago.

Adria, Sun Living’s owner, says it is making the changes to boost Sun Living’s attractiveness to retail buyers, who it believes want a slightly less basic feel than the hire market where Sun Living has already made significant inroads.

Gone are the holes that sufficed for handles on last season’s overhead lockers. The hide-away washrooms, which were designed to provide more space  by allowing you to roll a tambour door across all the facilities when they were not in use, have been replaced by washrooms with a more conventional wooden swing door. Last season’s industrial-style flooring has also been replaced by more conventional vinyl.

There is, however, a choice of three new upholstery schemes named after the characters in the Friends TV series. Ross (medium grey textile and dark grey artificial leather), Chandler (leight beige textile and sandy beige artificial leather) and Joey (light and dark grey artificial leather), can be combined with one of three different combinations of scatter cushions, names, appropriately enough, Monica, Rachel and Phoebe.

A new lumbar support has also been added to travel seats. These can be flipped over where appropriate to make a totally flat bed.

All these options have also been introduced without the need to add costs. 2021 Sun Living Prices stay largely unchanged from 2020.

A new hammock bed option has also been added to the V65SL rear lounge model in Sun Living van conversions, to make a second double above the rear lounge that can either be fixed singles or a transverse double.

As a cost option, the van conversions can also come with a silent soft-closing door to prevent you disturbing campsite neighbours at night.

All Sun Living models are also now labelled “Sun Living made by Adria Mobil”, to emphasise the fact that the range is produced on the same production lines as conventional Adria motorhomes and includes many similar features bar the Comprex construction system.