BOOKING LINE: 01271 882476

Bring on the band, the Devonshire cream teas, fire up the barbecue, join in with all the chat, the fun

and games for all the family – yes, the sun is going to shine tomorrow…  and it’ll soon be our reader rally time again!




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first bank holiday in May is always the time for our joint Practical

Motorhome & Practical Caravan magazine reader rally at Stowford Farm Meadows Touring Park in North Devon – and we’re

hoping to see you there this year.

(Book in for the Practical Motorhome reader rally here.)


This year’s programme is coming together. Here’s the plan so far:



BOOKING LINE: 01271 882476


Quiz night – Bar vouchers to be given 1st prize £50.00, 2nd prize £30.00, 3rd prize £20.00



Q&A in marquee – all your caravan and motorhome questions answered

Face painting

2pm Ferret Racing

4pm BBQ: locally sourced produce (burgers/sausages), vegetarian option,

variety of quiches, buttered new potatoes with garnish, tomato &

onion salad, green salad.  Ice-cream for dessert (3 flavours)

Evening – Barn dance in Barn Bar. (Cash prizes for best fancy dress. TOP PRIZE: £100)

Live entertainment in Old Stable Bar



Q&A in marquee – all your caravan and motorhome questions answered

Face painting

Sports day – including tug-of-war

2pm Falconry display

3pm Jazz band & cream tea – put on those dancing shoes!

Evening – Charity raffle

Live entertainment in both bars


Meanwhile, here are some more photos from last year’s rally – enjoy!

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Stowford Farm Meadows has bars serving meals and takeaways, plus an entertainment barn, and a handy convenience store and much more!

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Look what we found when we walked down the steep hill from Stowford Farm Meadows campsite to a quiet little stream… it’s paradise for walkers and dogs!


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Stowford Farm Meadows – one of the lovely spacious rally fields that we use

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Just for fun, here’s our gallery of photos from the last rally, held over the first bank holiday in May, 2012. If you spot yourself in any of these photos, please do let me

know and I’ll add a caption.


And if you have more photos of any past reader rallies, we’d love to see them. Please do

share them with us via our Practical Motorhome Facebook page, or just by

email: [email protected]  Thanks.


Until we meet again, enjoy the reader rally gallery – below!

Kate Taylor, Practical Motorhome, 26 March, 2013


PS Please do share these holiday pictures with all your friends on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest and other social media… all we ask is that you mention Practical Motorhome & Practical Caravan, thanks. Cool

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The marquee is where a lot of the action takes place… our editorial, advertising and events staff kept the urn topped up and served up thousands of free cups of tea and coffee, barbecue food and a cream tea… all part of the service!


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