Campsite Wi-Fi can be a hit and miss and, of course, it’s completely non-existent when you’re pitched up off the beaten track. A much better bet is to find a nearby cafe or pub that offers free Wi-Fi — many do as a way to attract customers.

As of last Tuesday, however, you can also check your email and surf the web for free as you munch on a Quattro Formaggi, thanks to Pizza Express’ rollout of free Wi-Fi across its 384 restaurants nationwide.

Pizza Express joins the likes of McDonalds and JD Wetherspoon as a purveyor of free Wi-Fi to its clientele. The service comes courtesy of The Cloud, which has around 4,500 Wi-Fi hotspots around the country.

Incidentally, Pizza Express also recently introduced its own iPhone app that lets you find your nearest restaurant, book a table and pay the bill at any time, via PayPal — perfect for making a quick exit when all the waiters are busy.

Here’s an appropriately cheesy video that explains how it all works:

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[Pizza Express]