With the exception of your home, buying a motorhome is possibly one of the biggest purchases you ever make. It’s the dream, the freedom to take to the open road. So ensuring the right buy, whether new or pre-owned, is hassle-free – and remains hassle-free – is all-important.

That’s why, in 2012, we launched our Owner Satisfaction Awards, to help you and other motorhome users buy better and with confidence. And, since the launch, the Awards have gone from strength-to-strength, year-on-year.

Help yourself to better service

Motorhome manufacturers and dealerships take the Owner Satisfaction Awards very seriously and really take note of the feedback you provide. It allows them to evaluate and improve products and services meaning that, ultimately, we all receive better motorhomes and the best possible service.

But, we can’t do it without you – so please help us make the 2020 Awards the best yet! If you’ve purchased a motorhome since 1st January 2016, we’d love you to take part.

Says Sarah Wakely, Editor-in-Chief of Practical Motorhome, “Our annual survey of new and used motorhomes plus supplying dealers allows our readers a voice to tell the industry how it’s doing. It creates an opportunity to celebrate all that’s good in the industry but, more importantly, the results provide a rich resource to help our readers buy better.”

Tell it how it is

We want to find out who you think the best manufacturer of new motorhomes is, which motorhomes fare best over time and which dealership provides the best service – not just when you purchase but after sales, too.

We’re keen to know what make and model of motorhome you purchased, whether you bought new or used, how you were treated during the purchase and whether your ‘van has behaved since. This is your chance to note any niggles, or downright failures. Or, maybe you’ve only had positive experiences with your motorhome and would like to have your appreciation noted.

How to take part

To have your say, simply click here and start giving us you’re feedback. The online survey takes around ten minutes to complete. Your answers are saved as you progress so you can come back to the form at a later stage if you don’t have time to complete the survey in one go.

Your data will not be used for any marketing purposes at all without your express permission.