Adria has completely revamped its Matrix and Coral ranges for the 2021 season, while its van conversion range is getting a model with a pop-up roof for the first time in many years. There’s also a Compact model now available with an island bed.

The Slovenian manufacturer says it pressed ahead with the revamp of Coral and Matrix – the two ranges that make up 65% of its motorhome sales – following very positive feedback from its dealers, despite the pandemic. It claimed it had at least prospective new dealers coming to join its existing 27 dealers at its launch this week. 

The changes apply only to vans with Supreme and Plus Spec – Axess vans remain largely unchanged from last season. And although there are new layouts, the company says the vans otherwise have been completely revamped from the ground up.

To start with, there’s a more aerodynamic profile with a new front cap design that includes sunroof that is 15% larger than last season. On Matrix models, which feature drop-down beds over the front lounge, this can be opened, while on Coral it remains sealed because the large rooflight over the front lounge can be opened.

Rear panels also now look much sleeker, with a new air deflector up top, and a new three-piece bumper incorporating LED lights designed exclusively for Adria by Hella.

The whole van has been raised in height by 7cm, which means that both Matrix and Coral models now come with a technical double floor stretching almost to the rear. Among things, this has enabled the fresh water tank to be moved from the rear to a central location near between the axles where it can be 15 litres bigger, coming in at 115 litres.

As before, Supreme spec models come with a silver outside, while Plus models have a white habitation body and a choice of three colours for the cab.

Inside, the drop-down bed featured on all Matrix models has been redesigned so that it is now based on steel cords with a mechanism that is entirely hidden away so that the bed itself is larger at 2.0×1.3m. It also rises closer to the ceiling, providing more headroom to match the now all-flat floor.

All models featuring an L-shaped dinette now come with Isofix fittings as standard on the travel seats Adria makes itself.

In terms of interior colour scheme, Supreme Models get a Cashmere finish with dark wood furniture and blue/grey upholstery, while Plus models are in more familiar Alpine White with lighter wood and mid grey upholstery. Both specs feature white overhead locker doors.

Other more minor additions include a service hatch on the outside near the habitation door on all Matrix models. With the hook-up and TV connection points inside, this is also designed to be a place where you can put your hook-up cable and levelling blocks where they won’t interfere with whatever else you have in your garage. The habitation door itself now comes with a much sturdier bin.

There’s a new sound system with a subwoofer, Bluetooth connectivity and completely hidden speakers. And the Adria MACH smart remote control application is available on both models as a cost option. For the first time this season this features user manuals that are unique to your motorhome that you can download by scanning a QR code.

All Coral and Matrix models can now come with Fiat’s 40 and 44 heavy chassis combined with a souped-up 180bhp engine as a cost option. All except the Matrix Axess 520ST can also come with Fiat’s new 9-speed automatic gearbox.

With all the attention on Coral and Matrix, Adria’s A-class Sonic range remains largely unchanged. The Compact range has however been expanded with a New SC layout featuring an island bed and a partition that curves around to shut off not just the bedroom but the Vario washroom as well.

The Adria van conversion line-up, meanwhile, will shortly be expanded with the addition of a model with a pop-up roof – the first time the manufacturer has included such a feature on a van sold in the UK since the Freeway models from many years ago. The 640SGX Sport Edition will be launched later this year.

There is also a 640SPB family layout, featuring a removable double bunk up near the roof above a standard transverse double bed below that can be folded up to provide more luggage storage space.