In common with the rest of the industry, Elddis enjoyed a very successful 2016 season. The County Durham-based manufacturer produces motorhomes under its own moniker, as well as popular special editions for dealers big and small.

Its offering is split into three ranges, all low-profile coachbuilts and all based on Peugeot Boxer base vehicles with 3500kg chassis. Prices range from just over £38,000 to just under £50,000, so whether you’re looking for two up to six berths, there really is an Elddis motorhome to suit all pockets.

Since 2013, Elddis motorcaravans have utilised a ‘glued not screwed’ bodyshell construction method, dubbed SoLiD (stong, light, dry). Of all the innovations in habitation construction over the past half-decade or so, user feedback from our annual Owner Satisfaction Survey suggests SoLiD is up there with the best of them.

What’s changed

In terms of floor plan changes to the three Elddis line-ups, not very much. There are no additions or deletions to Accordo (compact coachbuilts) or Encore (the upmarket offering).

Elsewhere, the six-berth overcab coachbuilt Autoquest 180 has been deleted, in favour of a new model, the 196. The 196 is bang on-trend, dispensing with overcab sleeping arrangements in favour of an electrically-operated bed over a front double dinette.

There are upgrades right across the board, though, when it comes to the Peugeot Boxer base vehicles. These come with brand-new engines that meet the latest Euro 6 emissions standards, which they achieve using a selective catalytic reduction (SCR) system using AdBlue diesel exhaust fluid for NOx reduction.

The headlines

Although there are no major shuffles to the pack, Elddis has been busy under the skin of its ’vans. All 2017 models will be based on the low-line chassis version of the Peugeot Boxer, making them lower to the ground and eliminating the need for entrance steps.

Starting with Autoquest, the 115 gets a 130bhp engine, in preference to last year’s 110bhp version, and all models receive a new front overcab pod, body kit and external graphics. On-board plumbing gets a boost from 100-litre fresh water tanks, to service Whale’s Expanse eight-litre underfloor water heaters, and boutique hotel-style basins are fitted to all washrooms except that found in the 155.

Habitation area upgrades include Montela soft furnishings and Nagoya wallboard. Soft-closing actions are fitted to overhead locker doors, thanks to ‘quiet-close’ gaskets, and wardrobe hinges. Kitchens receive a new locker door design and splashbacks behind the hobs.

The 2017 Elddis Autoquest motorhome range comprises three two-berth ’vans: the front parallel lounge/end kitchen 115 (£36,399), the front parallel lounge/rear French bed 155 (£41,399), plus the front parallel lounge/end washroom 175 (£40,399). There are two four-berths: the front parallel lounge/fixed twin single beds 185 (£42,099) and the front parallel lounge/end lounge 195 (£41,699). All prices quoted include on-the-road charges (OTR).

Autoquest’s six-berth offering has been completely changed. Out goes the overcab coachbuilt 180 and in comes the sleeker low-profile 196. The end lounge configuration is the same; it’s at the front where you’ll find the main differences. Chief among these is an electrically operated drop-down double bed – the first to appear in an Elddis motorhome – atop a full dinette with a nearside sofa. A generous nearside kitchen and offside midships washroom complete the spec. This new 196 will cost £42,349 OTR.

The compact Accordo range goes into 2017 unchanged model-wise, but receives a similar set of tweaks as that made to Autoquest, including Euro 6 engines and low-line chassis. Silver sides continue to feature, now augmented by a new graphics scheme. All models get 100-litre fresh water tanks and boutique-hotel style sinks for the washrooms. As with Autoquest, Montela soft furnishings and Nagoya wallboard feature in habitation area upgrades. With ‘quiet close’ gaskets, overhead locker doors have soft-closing actions and wardrobe hinges are soft-close, too. Accordo kitchens also get the new overhead locker door design and splashbacks.

Accordo’s line-up comprises two two-berths – the front parallel lounge/end washroom 105 and the rear parallel lounge 120 – and two three-berths: the front dinette/transverse rear double bed 125, and the front dinette/rear parallel lounge 135. All models are priced the same, at £39,699 OTR.

Encore launched to modest fanfare at the October 2014 NEC show. Since then it has quietly grown to four models, and the line-up is unchanged for 2017. The wide track chassis that offers improved handling is now a low-line one, Euro 6 engines are adopted and there’s a new external graphics scheme.

Interior detail improvements include kitchen drawer handles with positive locking, Nagoya wallboard, Ladinia furniture finish, boutique hotel-style bathroom sinks, soft-close wardrobe hinges, quiet-close locker hinges, Savanna Aquaclean upholstery and kitchen splashbacks.

One two-berth features in the Encore range: the front parallel lounge/end washroom 275. The other models are all four-berths – the front parallel lounge/transverse island bed 254, the front parallel lounge/rear French bed 255, and the front parallel lounge/rear fixed twin single beds/end washroom 285. One other significant improvement has been made, to the 254: the adjustable sliding bed now offers a maximum extension of 6ft 3in; when retracted it is 6ft long, giving an extra 40cm of space at the foot of the bed. All Encore models have the same price: £49,799 OTR.

In other news

Autoquest models can be specified with the Lux Pack of base vehicle options: cab air con, passenger airbag and cruise control – the price was yet to be confirmed as we went to press. Other popular options across the three ranges include a tow bar (£475 for Autoquest models, and £590 for Accordo and Encore), a Fiamma two-bike or four-bike rack (£215), a rear-view camera system (£320), a motorhome alarm system (£320) and a Europe-wide Tracker unit including the first-year subscription (£280).

Autoquest and Accordo models can be ordered with winter packs (£305) and microwave ovens (£180). New options introduced for 2017 include wraparound seating (Accordo 120 and Autoquest 195; both £210) and a dealer-fit shelf pack (£40).

Encore buyers can choose between a range of dealer-fitted options, including a self-seeking satellite dish with twin LNBs (£1699), a 100W solar panel (£510), Truma air conditioning unit in lieu of the Omnivent (£1330), leather upholstery (£1550), and the dealer-fit shelf pack (£40).

The 2017 range of Elddis motorhomes at a glance


  • Elddis Accordo 105 – 2-berth, parallel lounge, end washroom, £39,699, 6m-long
  • Elddis Accordo 120 – 2-berth, rear parallel lounge, £39,699, 5.99m-long
  • Elddis Accordo 125 – 3-berth, front dinette, transverse rear double, £39,699, 6m-long
  • Elddis Accordo 135 – 3-berth, front dinette, rear parallel lounge, £39,699, 6m-long
  • Elddis Autoquest 115 – 2-berth, front parallel lounge, end kitchen, £36,399, 5.71m-long
  • Elddis Autoquest 155 – 2-berth, front parallel lounge, rear French bed, £41,399, 7.12m-long
  • Elddis Autoquest 175 – 2-berth, front parallel lounge, end washroom, £40,399, 7.2m-long
  • Elddis Autoquest 185 – 4-berth, front parallel lounge, fixed twin single beds, £42,099, 7.35m-long
  • Elddis Autoquest 195 – 4-berth, front and rear parallel lounges, £41,699, 7.12m-long
  • NEW! Elddis Autoquest 196 – 6-berth, front dinette under drop-down double, rear lounge, £42,349, length TBC
  • Elddis Encore 254 – 4-berth, front parallel lounge, transverse island bed, £49,799, 7.4-long
  • Elddis Encore 255 – 4-berth, front parallel lounge, rear French bed, £49,799, 7.41m-long
  • Elddis Encore 275 – 2-berth, front parallel lounge, end washroom, £49,799, 7.41m-long
  • Elddis Encore 285 – 4-berth, front parallel lounge, fixed twin single beds, end washroom, £49,799, 7.4m-long