Bürstner has launched an all-new range that builds upon the success of its popular Argos series of family overcab coachbuilts.


Dubbed ‘Argos time’, the new range was debuted at the recent CMT Exhibition in Stuttgart, and features three models: the A650 with a corner bed, the A660 with rear transverse bunk beds and the A670 with a garage bed. The A650 and A660 both start at £42,490 on the road, while the A670 starts at £43,380.


Despite the existence of official retail prices, Bürstner has informed us that it’s currently unlikely that the Argos time range will be offered on a large scale in the UK in 2011, due to a lack of dealer interest and stiff competition from the likes of Elddis and Swift. However, it’s still possible that we’ll see them on our shores in 2012.


The range is positioned to be more affordable than Bürstner’s flagship Argos overcabs, and so all three models lack the larger Argos’ double floors and high-end equipment and winterisation levels, although the exterior design is clearly inspired by the larger ’vans. Bürstner has also ensured that all three Argos time ’vans are available with an MTPLM that ducks under the important 3500kg mark, to ensure that they can be driven by anyone, regardless of the age of their licence.