Good news for all motorhome owners this month as it’s been announced that motorhome-theft claims have fallen by 50 per cent over the first nine months of the year, compared with the same period last in 2009.


Insurance company Caravan Guard revealed the statistics, which cover both thefts of the motorhome as well as break-ins for personal items inside. Caravan Guard director Chris Nettleton attributed the fall to an increasing number of motorhome owners fitting security devices such as satellite-tracking systems and axle wheel locks.


“We are also seeing a rise in motorhome owners improving the storage conditions for their motorhomes by fitting drive posts or locked gates at home or choosing high security storage sites,” he said.


However, the company also reported a rise of 40 per cent in accidental-damage claims over the same period. “These sorts of claims are by far the most costly types in motorhome insurance,” said Chris.