Our first motorhome was a converted Bedford CF2 that my husband, Tony, and I built back in the last century – we named it Blue Moon.

We took Blue Moon on the Plymouth-Santander ferry and toured around Spain and Portugal.

We had a great time going through lots of little villages in that ’van.

Trading up

Next time, we went for a slightly larger model, a Dodge Ram Van, and again, Tony did a lot of work on it.

Our last van conversion was a Trigano Tribute. This was love at first sight for me, and I named it G-No after its numberplate.

It was just like the Tardis – a lot larger once you stepped inside it.

With our dog, Roxy, we toured France, Belgium, Germany and Spain many times.

We also had lots of adventures, especially when we took a wrong turning and ended up going over the mountains in France on a dirt track, complete with a warning sign about wolves at the top!

Living the fixed-bed dream

We were getting a little older by then, so decided that we needed a fixed bed.

Tony therefore took to the computer, looking all over the place to find the ’van we wanted.

One day, after searching for many months, he called to me to take a look at one he had picked out – I agreed to go and see it, although I was still in love with G-No.

We went to look at it, and as I stepped inside, my jaw dropped. “Oh my gosh!”

It was just as good as the photos, so it was goodbye Tribby, hello Hobby.

Our next adventure began when we went to Wales to see my mum, who thought our new ’van was fabulous.

We then travelled to France and toured all over the place, not booking anywhere, just going where we pleased and staying at aires in small villages.

We also now enjoy going to motorhome shows to meet new friends and see new ’vans and gadgets.

A true home-from-home

I can’t imagine staying anywhere else on holiday, other than in a motorhome.

It is a way of life, with year-round fun and total freedom.

One of the best things about having a motorhome is that you can go away at short notice, at any time of year.

It’s just like taking your home on holiday, don’t you think?