Italian luxury manufacturer Laika has announced an all-new A-class range for 2012, which will be unveiled to the public at the major European motorhome shows this summer.


The new Kreos A-class range will slot in between Laika’s existing Kreos low-profiles and its flagship Rexosline A-classes. There’ll be eight models at launch, ranging in length from 6.99 to 7.6 metres. All eight models will be offered on both Fiat AL-KO and Iveco chassis, the latter allowing for higher payloads, as well as twin rear wheel drive.


Laika promises that the Kreos A-classes will stand out from the crowd thanks to their characteristically Italian styling, highly functional interiors and their use of high-quality materials.


Specific details – as well as images of the finished product – have yet to be revealed, but these ’vans are meant to offer high levels of winterisation, which suggests that they could feature cutting-edge Alde heating, as found in Laika’s luxury Kreos 5000 low-profile range. They’ve also gone through an exhaustive proving process, including 100,000km of driving tests and cold chamber temperature testing.


In the same release, Laika revealed that new versions of its range-topping Rexosline A-classes will be launched early next year.