Engine remapping could invalidate your insurance, motorhome-owners have been warned.


It’s increasingly popular for motorhome-owners to have their engines remapped to get more miles per gallon of fuel. However, Shield Total Insurance is urging those investing in the service to first check the approved limits set by their manufacturer warranty and insurance policy.


Manufacturers of modern motorhome engines are making each new model greener and more powerful than its predecessor, but we can’t all trade old for new in the current climate.


Hence the popularity of engine remapping. Minor modifications to the ECU (engine control unit) of your current engine, not only give more miles per gallon, but can potentially increase the bhp, giving performance a powerful boost.


The ECU is the ‘computer’ that controls fuel, ignition timing, idle speed, valve timing and so on. It reads values from sensor devices monitoring the engine and its performance and then compares these readings to performance maps preset by the manufacturer.


Remapping the engine can sharpen the throttle response, alleviate turbo lag and flat spots, shorten the time between gear changes and hold gears for longer, thereby increasing the potential mpg. Some owners report 8 – 16 per cent more mpg and 25 – 30 per cent more power.


Stuart Craig at Shield Total Insurance said, “Although its tempting, walk away from any company offering to increase BHP by more than 30 per cent.  This is the limit allowed by the majority of manufacturers before you risk invalidating your warranty. Any reputable company knows this.


“Insurance providers will not offer cover on any vehicle with an engine that has had its original bhp increased above 30%. The reason for this is that engines are designed and tested to function within certain power and torque levels. Artificially increasing these levels beyond the limits tolerated will put added stress on engine components, bodywork, even the tyres leading to their early demise, and at worst yours too!” .


Some insurers charge a premium fee for modified engines, so it’s best to contact them before having the work done.


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