German manufacturer Knaus has now returned to these shores, and importer Lowdhams has unveiled some of the brand’s 2012 vehicles here at the Motorhome and Caravan show.


Eleven coachbuilt models will be available in the UK for the coming year, across two ranges: the Sun TI and the Sky TI. The Knaus Boxstar van conversion will also be available. Among the models available here to view at the show are the island-bed Sky TI 700 MX, and the French-bed Sky Ti 650 MF and Sun TI 650 LF models. You’ll also be able to see the transverse-bed Boxstar Street 600 van conversion.


UK versions of the coachbuilt ranges will include a higher level of specification than the standard European models: additional kit includes cab air-con, panoramic skylight, cruise control, driver and passenger airbags, gas oven with grill (on selected models) and more. All will be right-hand drive. Prices for the Sky TI models here at the show range from £51,495-£54,995; Sun TIs are available from £60,995-£63,995. The Boxstar, meanwhile, retails at £47,269.