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It’s always tricky to judge just how popular a motorhome show has been – manufacturers are understandably reluctant to pass on sales data, and it’s difficult to tell which showgoers are there simply to look, and who’s there to part with their hard-earned cash. But if the opinions of the many people here that I’ve spoken to over the last two days is anything to go by, this show is one of the best in a while.


It helps, of course, that there’s quite a lot to see this year. Rob and I spent a few hours first thing yesterday morning on the Bailey stand, extracting the opinions of the hordes climbing in and out of the brand-new motorhomes. Many had made this their first point of call, excited about the prospect of a newcomer to the industry. Overwhelmingly, the mood was positive, many saying how nice it was to see some fresh new metal on show. You can read their opinions by clicking here and here.


There’s lots to see elsewhere of course: just some of our show highlights thus far have been the new Knaus coachbuilts, and Pilote’s neat little van conversion. That and bumping into Dallas star Patrick Duffy, too, of course.


It seems we’re not alone in our excitement about this show: we’ve not received any official figures yet, but it was extremely busy here yesterday, and today’s been looking promising, too. It’s helped that tickets are much cheaper than last year, obviously, but there’s more than that: there’s a buzz here that we’ve not felt at a show for a few years. And that, we think, is a jolly good thing.


Sarah Wakely, deputy editor