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If you’ve ever wanted to photograph your motorhome in the same stylish way as those glossy shots car manufacturers tend to snap snap of their new models (which is handy when it comes to attracting a buyer), here’s a bit of good news.

Professional photographer Richard Morris has put together a video that shows the steps he grows through when — in this particular example — he transforms a mundane shot of a Bentley Continental into something more special.

The bad news is that not only do you need to be a first-rate photographer to achieve these kinds of results, but you also need to be skilled at using computer software like Photoshop.

Morris’ trick is that rather than try to take a perfect shot (which may not always be possible anyway), he combines several photos to create the composition he wants and then applies some computer know-how to add the necessary sheen.

Here’s the video.

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[via Jalopnik]