THIS FRIDAY SEES the release of yet another motorhome-based movie. It seems they are becoming popular in Hollywood, previously popping up in small indie films and playing bit parts, but now taking a starring role.


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The latest film featuring our favourite run-around is ‘We’re the Millers’. This will be released in cinemas Friday 23rd August, just weeks after the premier of the new series of ‘Breaking Bad’.


‘We’re the Millers’ once again uses drug smuggling as the reason for using a motorhome, but we’ll overlook that because this time the motorhome, or RV, is top of the range. This psuedo family takes a road trip to Mexico to pick up a drug shipment, which turns out to be stolen from a Mexican drug lord. Along the way, they meet other RV-ers and it seems that quite a few models of motorhome make it in to the movie.


The huge A-classes are perhaps not suitable for the UK’s roads, but we wouldn’t mind driving one around the US and Canada! Road trip, anyone?


Starring the Foretravel Grand Villa Unihome, and of course Jennifer Anniston and Jason Sudeikis, this could be worth a look.


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