German manufacturer Hobby could be extending a budget sub-brand it is introducing for caravans to include campervans later this year.

The company launched the three-model Beachy range of caravans in May, but managing director Holger Schulz hinted that the company could be unveiling a campervan model too under the same brand at this year’s Caravan Salon in Düsseldorf, assuming it goes ahead.

The Beachy vehicles will be made on the same Fockbeck production line as Hobby, near to the north German coast which has inspired their design, but they may have a separate dealer network.

The caravans are quite a departure, as they do not include a heater even as a manufacturer’s optional extra. There is alo a separate small room in the corner but as standard it only includes shelving: a Porta Potti is an optional extra.

In its more conventional motorhome ranges, for the 2022 season Hobby has revamped the interior of its Optima De Luxe low-profile range to make it more automotive and sporty in style. Kitchen cupboards in the On Tour range have also been changed to drawers.

In van conversions, the Vantana On Tour has been upgraded to become Vantana On Tour Edition, with alloy wheels, a pull-out shelf for two 11kg gas bottles, and a Pioneer sat nav system. Top of the range Vantana De Luxe models will now be available in two different furniture finishes: warm wood and monochrome.