Just a few months after bringing you this all-new website, today we’re excited to launch our all new, online travel guides, perfectly timed to coincide with the start of the main touring season.

Here at Practical Motorhome we want to inspire you to have the best holidays and to explore further, taking in new experiences, but also to travel in safety and with confidence. Practical Motorhome’s brand new online travel guides are written by motorcaravanners for motorcaravanners. They’re the product of years and years of touring experience, so you know you can rely on and trust them.

At launch, we’re bringing you 20 travel guides, covering the UK and Ireland, as well as key European holiday destinations including France, Italy, Spain and Portugal – and in the coming weeks and months, we’ll be adding many more, to take you further.

Each travel guide is split into clear, easy to navigate sections to help you prepare for and enjoy your holidays. For British destinations, links will be served alongside the travel guides to campsites in that region on our sister website Caravan Sitefinder so you can plan not only where you’re going, but where you’re staying, too. And now that our handy Nightstops scheme is also online, we think you’ll find that the Practical Motorhome website is your one-stop shop for your tours – and it can be carried in your pocket on your smartphone.

“Our travel guides are not about providing the be-all-and-end-all definitive description to every last square mile of a county or region – that’s just not possible,” says long-time motorcaravanner and travel writer Caroline Mills, who has worked with Practical Motorhome to compile these guides. “Neither is it realistic to include every single potential road problem (for example, while a local route might not be suitable for an A-class, it could be perfectly feasible for a small campervan) or an entire bus timetable to a large region. The aim is, simply, to whet the appetite and provide options of where readers can obtain further information.”

Whether planning your adventures for the coming months or the next day, we hope our ideas of things to do and routes to take (or avoid!), our advice about motorhome accessibility and affordable stopovers, as well as our information about public transport links and cycle routes for when you’re leaving your ‘van on site, will help you get the most from your holidays.

We’re also sharing our top touring tips and helping you prepare for your trips abroad, to ensure you’re up to speed on the rules and regulations you might encounter while travelling across Europe.

Where possible, we’ve also integrated video travel guides from our trips across the UK and beyond, so you can join us on tour to help inspire your own.

So, what are you waiting for? Dive in! Happy holidays!