Smartphones and water don’t mix, and thanks to moisture sensors tucked inside the case, manufacturers can tell when a ‘broken’ handset is actually the victim of liquid damage — and that usually rules out a warranty repair or replacement.

So, if you want to use your smartphone in wet weather or on the beach, it’s best to use some sort of proactive case and the iDry appears to fit the bill.

Available for the iPhone 3/3G/4/4S and a number of different Android smartphones, the iDry has a two-part design that snaps snugly around the case in just a few seconds.

The iDry is reckoned to be completely waterproof to a depth of 5m, but it still leaves the touchscreen visible and usable.

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Calls can still be made with the iDry in place too, and since the back panel is also clear, the smartphone can still be used to take photos — including ones underwater.

The iDry costs £9.99 and is available online at