Cornwall has been revealed as the unofficial eco-camping capital of the UK with an impressive 36 green camping sites in the area, as new research reveals the growth of eco-friendly camping.
The popularity of eco camping has seen a huge uptake over the last five years, with a 436% increase in search volume across the UK since 2017, new research from leading campervan and motorhome rental company, Camptoo, has revealed.

The UK now has 161 specialist eco-friendly campsites, a number that is expected to grow considerably in the coming years, with Cornwall the hotspot for eco-camping with 36 green sites in the area.

Several popular eco camping-related products have seen a sharp upward trend in web searches, such as bamboo toilet roll which has increased by a massive 2833% in search volume since 2017 in the UK.
Research also found bamboo cutlery (306%), Eco sleeping bag (61%) and eco-friendly wood-burning camping stoves (519%) all dramatically increased in searches in the last five years, while portable solar chargers have been consistently popular online, following the increasing demand for camping and vanlife type experiences

The most popular eco-friendly camping products are bamboo cutlery and Ecodesign wood-burning stoves – which produce 80% fewer harmful emissions than standard stoves – with roughly around 1,300 monthly searches for each product over the past 12 months – proving Brits are becoming increasingly aware of ways in which they do their bit to protect the environment.

Camptoo’s Head of Wanderlust Ed Bassett commented on the growing trend: “It’s wonderful to see so many people take an interest in the environment and looking for ways in which they can improve how they live and travel and the camping equipment they take with them.”

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