Dealing with a technical support helpline about a computer problem can often be as frustrating as the problem itself, but Support Details is a handy web site that’s designed to take at least some pain out of the experience.

Before most technical problems can be identified and (hopefully) solved, a technical support operator will usually want to know some key information about the computer concerned, such as its operating system and web browser version.

Some of this information may be obvious to many computer users, but some can be difficult to determine even by more experienced technical types — which is where the support details site comes in.

Once the web page is opened, it identifies nine key pieces of information about a computer and displays it in an easily understandable form for reading over the phone, or by sending via email.

So, as long as the computer problem doesn’t concern internet access, opening the Support Details site is a much quicker option that ferreting around in various computer settings to find out what a tech support person needs to know.

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