Fleurette, a company based near Niort in western France, started building polyester folding caravans in 1967, and moved over to low-profile motorhomes in the 1980s, a sector in which it deployed its celebrated carpentry and cabinet-making skills. In 2005, Fleurette was acquired by the Rapido Group and pushed upmarket, and A-class ’vans were added to the portfolio in 2007.

Today, Fleurette and sister brand Florium produce between 400 and 500 motorcaravans a year, including their own GRP mouldings in a dedicated workshop using ‘last generation’ equipment to maintain quality and distinctiveness. A factory extension was completed earlier this year, to facilitate a reorganisation of the carpentry workshop plus the addition of a new building for quality control and parts storage.

After a period away from UK forecourts, Fleurette and Florium ’vans will return to these shores this autumn, thanks to an exclusive distribution deal with Webbs Motor Caravans, which has sites in Warminster and Reading.


The Fleurette line-up comprises low-profile coachbuilt and A-class models, all based on the Fiat Ducato. The low-profiles fall into two discrete categories: compact (Migrateur) and spacious (Magister).

All Migrateur ’vans are narrow-bodied (2.23m wide) with Al-Ko chassis. Their floorplans all feature French beds: they are the 5.99m-long 60 LG, the 6.37m-long 63 LG, the 6.77m-long 67 LG and the 6.97m-long 70 LDS.

Exteriors are finished in white to match the cabs, which get a smart silver effect around the radiator grille. The interiors sport mid-tone pear-lacquered woodwork contrasting with cream-coloured locker and cupboard doors, and work surfaces, and feature LED lighting throughout.

The optional Comfort Pack (available for a special price of €1000 for 2016, down from €1290) adds Hartal premium habitation doors and flyscreens, soft-close kitchen drawers and Remis front blinds for the cab. Other options available include a ‘Grey Edition’ cab, which gives you LED running lights, a dark grey cab and grey grille for €1000.

Magister is the ‘spacious’ range of low-profiles (2.34m wide). It comprises eight layouts, with a range of different beds: the French bed 65 LD (6.5m), the island bed 65 LMX (6.5m), the island bed 68 LM (6.83m), the transverse bed 70 LBM (6.97m), the French bed 70 LD (6.97m), the island bed 70 LMX (6.97m), the island bed 73 LMS (7.37m) and the island bed 73 CTC (7.37m). For the first time, drop-down beds will be available in Magister, excepting the 65 LMX and 70 LMX.

As with Migrateur, the exteriors have white bodyshells and cabs, and the radiator grilles are treated to a silver-effect surround. Meanwhile, the interiors are finished in mid-toned wood, with cream work surfaces and locker facings.

The optional Comfort Pack (€1000) includes LED lighting throughout, the Hartal premium habitation door and flyscreen, soft-closing kitchen drawers and Remis front blinds for the cab. An Al-Ko chassis is available as a €3450 cost option on the Magister 70 and 73 models. Other options that can be specified include the ‘Grey Edition’ cab offered on Migrateur.

In the A-class segment, four Discover models are available: the transverse bed 64 LBS (6.44m), two island bed models in the 70 LMS (7.07m) and the 73 LMS (7.46m), and the twin single beds 73 LJS (7.46m). All models have Al-Ko chassis and double floors, and get new exteriors and interiors for 2016.


Florium was conceived five years ago, as a product for the wider European market. It’s a larger range than Florium, by one model, and again offers Fiat Ducato-based low-profiles and A-classes. Interior styling is ‘contemporary’.

Both brands have distinct logos and the motorcaravans boast different bodyshell colours – Florium’s is cream while Fleurette’s is brilliant white.

Again, the collection is grouped into two types of low-profiles, plus A-classes. The compact Baxter line-up has layouts that correspond to Fleurette’s Migrateur. The roomier Mayflower low-profiles feature floorplans that are the same as the Fleurette Magister’s, while the A-classes are badged Wincester.

The Mayflower range numbers eight models and includes the 65 LD and 70 LD, island beds 65 LMX, 68 LM, 70 LMX, 73 LMS and 73 CTC – all with French beds. The 70 LBM has a transverse rear bed. Equipment levels are the same as for Magister, and a ‘Gold & Black Edition’, with gold cab, black radiator grille and LED running lights can be specified.

Wincester, Florium’s A-class range, offers one French bed floorplan (the 6.5m-long 65 LM) and three island-bed layouts – the 70 LMS (7.07m), the 74 LMS (7.46m) and the 74 CTC (7.46m). The range-topping 84 LMS (8.37m) is a tag-axle built on Fiat/Al-Ko underpinnings. Its enhanced specification includes a GPS rear wall with a reversing camera and new lights, Thetford fridges and a 21in flatscreen TV.

In other news

All Fleurette and Florium motorhomes come with a five-year bodyshell-integrity warranty, subject to a technical waterproof test in the third or fourth year of ownership.

Coming to the UK…

Webbs Motor Caravans will be retailing these models in the UK: Fleurette Migrateur 70 LDS, Florium Mayflower 73 LMS and 65 LD, Fleurette Discover 73 LMS and Florium Wincester 74 CTC. As the dealership has an exclusive deal with Fleurette and Florium, Webbs customers can order any model.