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Judging by the weather so far this year, holidaymakers in the UK will have plenty of time to catch up on some reading this summer.

That doesn’t mean you can’t still experience the joys of travel though, and anyone with a smartphone, tablet computer or laptop would do well to look at the Longreads.com site.

The site is essentially a distillation of the best long-form writing found online — features, in other words — and each piece has been recommended by other readers, and covers a wide range of subjects.

The recently added Travel section is what we’re recommending though, since it offers a mix of factual and fictional reads for when you have some time to kill.

Each read comes with a word count and the typical time it will take to plough through, so they’re ideal for filling everything from a couple of minutes to three quarts of an hour — few pieces are longer than this.

Each piece can be read online, or sent to a smartphone, tablet or Amazon Kindle for reading later when there’s no internet connection available.

This option uses the free Instapaper app that’s highly recommended for anyone to tends to find lots of things they want to read when they’re browsing the web, but never has the time to do it — saving the same stories around for reading on a smartphone is much more convenient.