If you’re an iPhone user and fancy earning a few quid when you’re on your travels, check out the Field Agent app.

This free app is acts as a marketplace for people who need to know some specific information — usually for market research purposes — and people in a position to provide it.

For example, someone might want a photograph of a billboard in particular place, or want to know if a particular shop stocks a certain product and its price/

The tasks usually require travel, but Field Agent can filter them by locality. So, if you know you’re going to be heading into town one day, you can search for tasks around that particular postcode beforehand.

The amount of money on offer usually only stretches to a few pounds per task, but most take just a few minutes to complete and, on a good day, it’s possible to pay for lunch with very little work.

Payment is made via PayPal is made immediately after the task requirements have been met.

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