Hymer Group firm Dethleffs recently rolled its 80,000th motorhome off its production lines in Isny, Germany.


The milestone marks a particularly auspicious year for Dethleffs, since 2011 is the company’s 80th anniversary. Managing Director Thomas Fritz said, “This enormous luck to have produced the 80,000th motorhome during the 80th anniversary year has inspired us to value both events in a special way.”


To commemorate this landmark in the company’s history, Dethleffs will be auctioning its 80,000th motorhome, with proceeds going to the company’s own charitable fund, the Dethleffs Family Foundation. The aim is to raise €80,000 by the end of the year, although Dethleffs does not expect the auction alone to raise that amount of money, and is hoping that donations from customers and business partners will help make up the difference.


The winner of the auction will be announced at this year’s Düsseldorf Caravan Salon. Those interested in bidding or donating to the Family Foundation will find more information on Dethleffs’ website.