CoPilot Live Premium for iPad and iPhone is currently available with a 30% discount (£5 off) in the iTunes App Store, which makes it at a very reasonable £19.99.

ALK also seems to have reduced the price of the Android version of the app — it was £24.99 at launch, but is now £19.99 too.

Although not without its faults, we rather liked the CoPilot Live Premium when we reviewed it a few months ago and it’s recommended to anyone with a smartphone who wants some good sat-nav software for the UK and Ireland (other maps are available, but cost more). For comparison, CoPilot Live’s main competitor, TomTom UK & Ireland, costs £49.99.

Incidentally, don’t confuse the new CoPilot Live Premium (version 9) with the previous CoPilot Live 8 — it costs £29.99.

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