VW Camper owners who crave a little more space usually have to upgrade to a larger motorhome or a car and ‘van combination, neither of which offer the same kind of camping style as the classic T2.

The Dub-Box, however, offers an interesting third option. Hand made from fibreglass, this compact caravan is built to look just like the T1 Camper it’s designed to be towed behind and since each one is built to order, it can even be the same colour.

Inside is a two-ring gas hob, stainless steel sink, pump-action tap, small retro fridge, leisure battery, 240-volt hook-up with 12-volt distribution board and LED lighting.

The Dub-Box is 4.89m long (including the A frame), 1.72m wide and 1.85m high. The unladen weight is a mere 600kg and the maximum permitted laden mass is 750kg.

A full-specification model with full upholstery costs £13,750 inc VAT, but a bare bones chassis and bonded body shell can be had for £5,500.

More details at the Dub-Box site.