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Some campers like to carry a bicycle, motor scooter or even a Swatch Smart car onboard for more convenient local transportation once settled at a pitch, but what about using a compact car that runs on compressed air?

That’s just what French motor development company MDI has been working on since 1996 and the AIRPod is its latest model.

The AIRPod is a three-wheeled vehicle that weighs just 220kg and is designed as an ultra-compact urban transportation method with next to no emissions.

The power source is a 175L compressed air tank that can be refilled using an external pump or using an electric motor when on the move.

The first model is apparently capable of speeds up to 43mph and has a range of up to 125 miles. Tank refills take two minutes and cost around 80p.

The AIRPod seats three adults and one child, and also has room for luggage. There’s no steering wheel, just a joystick, and the anticipated commercial price is around £6,400.

If this all sounds a bit too good to be true, here’s a CNN video that suggests otherwise.

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The AIRPod was first unveiled last year, but the reason it’s in the news now is that Indian car manufacturer Tata has recently licensed MDI’s technology and has successfully incorporated it into two demonstration vehicles.