Chausson has debuted a new panoramic window option in their Suite range at the Düsseldorf Caravan Salon.


The ‘Panoramic System’ involves a huge, electrically powered hatch on the side of the motorhome that opens up to allow those seated in the lounge to have an unmatched view of the surrounding scenery. There are two steps fitted beneath this hatch, meaning that it can also be used as an additional habitation door.


Chausson’s Suite range has been synonymous with innovation ever since it debuted with the Welcome Suite in 2009. Today, the range is made up of four ’vans, each a smart-looking island kitchen low-profile with a drop-down bed over the lounge.


Besides the central kitchen, innovations exclusive to the Suite range include the optional upright Fiamma bike rack in the Suite Maxi and the standard-issue external two-burner hob for al fresco cooking, which is found throughout the range.


The Suite range currently starts at £40,800 OTR. At press time no pricing was available for the ‘Panoramic System’ option. Chausson expects to start offering it to customers in late 2011.