Carthago is focussing much of its attention on the van conversions within its more budget-priced Malibu range for the 2021 season, as it believes that is the way the market is heading.

Highlights of the new season include the new “family-for-4” pop-up roof it will be including as an option on a wide selection of its vans. This two-tone thick has been designed in-house and consists of an outer GRP shell with aluminium with breathable microfibre covering on the inside, and a 30mm thick RTM hard foam insulating core. The roof includes a double bed as standard.

The German manufacturer has also divided its Malibu vans into four different product groups: compact, comfort and charming, and first class – two rooms, a new concept for 2021. This group of layouts features an extended kitchen with a large cupboard at the end that can be used for either the kitchen or the rear bedroom. It has beds at the rear that are each over 2m long, and a washroom that has two different tambour doors to separate off areas you don’t need to use. And although the design is meant to enable the driver to have a clear view out of the back, there is also a swinging partition that connects with the washroom door to seal off the bedroom.

Low-profiles and A-classes, which have now been part of the Malibu line-up for five years, get a fresh exterior shape and look this season which is designed to bring them more into line with Carthago’s liners. Inside, the new Bellagio decor scheme features high gloss ivory and contrasting noble cherry furniture, with matt ivory surfaces. L-shaped lounges now include a swing-out shoe cabinet at the side, and there is room on many models for an LED flat screen TV measuring up to 32in wide.

Within Carthago itself, the liner for two range has had its exterior remodelled with a new facade that boasts a six-bar radiator grille borrowed from chic e-line/s-plus. Models based on the Fiat Ducato now come with a 13 cm larger windscreen, while those based on the Iveco Daily have an enhanced range of safety features including active cruise control and city brake pro, which automatically stops the car if there is a risk of collision. You can also have an optional second rooflight in the rear lounge.

C-tourers will now be available on a Mercedes Sprinter base vehicle in eight low-profile and A-class models with either island beds or fixed single beds – the I/T 143 LE, the I 148 LE, the T 148 LE H, the I/T 149 LE and the I/T 150 QB. Cathargo has chosen to use the front-wheel drive version of the Sprinter combined with a low-frame Al-Ko chassis. Some of the models still have an MTPLM of 3500kg, meaning anyone can drive them.

As a whole the range benefits from a new swing-out shoe compartment in the front lounge and a heightened kitchen bar behind the travel seats to separate the lounge more clearly from the kitchen. There is also an optional TV cabinet capable of holding screens up to 32in wide. The arms of the cab seats in low profiles are now upholstered with the same material used in A-class cabs.

Similar internal additions have also been made to the narrower c-compactline range, which also benefits from a new faux leather dashboard this season.

Chic c-lines now come with full LED headlights, while the e-line/s-plus range gets more rounded settees and a capsule coffee make that is raised and lowered by a lift mechanism.