Travel sickness can be a serious problem for children of a certain age and pulling over to clean up an accident in the back seat is never a particularly pleasant task.

Rather than try to prevent it, the CarSik Hurl•e minimises the mess by clipping around a child’s neck and acting as a (and there’s no polite way to say this) hands-free vomit-catching bib. Adults can also use the Hurl•e as a sick bag.

The bag is designed to prevent spilling and contain any unpleasant smells (which is useful if there are other kids in the car), and can be wrapped up to a watertight state for easy disposal.

The CarSik Hurl•e was featured on Shark Tank, the American equivalent of Dragons’ Den and we can only imagine what America’s equivalent of Duncan Bannatyne thought of it, particularly given the demonstration video…

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The CarSik Hurl•e is available to buy online, but is sold out at the time of writing, so keep an eye on the web site to see when new stock arrives.

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