Welcome to our fourth Summer Special TV show on The Motorhome Channel – it’s a campervan special!

We kick off with a review of the Auto Campers Day Van. An exciting new conversion based on the Ford Transit it’s a handsome ‘van with great attention to detail. Having sliding doors on both sides means whether you’re travelling in the UK or Europe, access is easy, and here we are testing the pop-top version, which grants increased headroom inside as well as two extra berths. Another selling point of this camper is that it provides such a flexible space, as all the fittings, including the seats, the wardrobe and the kitchen unit can be removed, depending upon how you want to use the space. And you must tune in to see the clever, space-saving devices found in the kitchen. So don’t miss our Auto Campers Day Van review.

You can watch this and the rest of our show on The Motorhome Channel, on Sky 192 and on Freesat 402. Alternatively, watch live online from the comfort of your laptop, computer, tablet or smartphone – there’s no excuse for missing out.

Another ‘van you will most definitely want to see is perhaps the ultimate in modern campervans, the Volkswagen California. We revisit Practical Motorhome Editor Niall Hampton’s VW California review. It’s a high quality, smartly finished product and a quiet, very car-like companion on the road. Inside you’ll find the classic campervan layout, with a rock and roll bed, next to a side kitchenette, which has a top-loading compressor fridge, while a further two berths are found in the roof – an automatically elevating roof, very smart indeed. Of course, with all the bells and whistle fitted to our test ‘van, this comes at a price. Watch our show to find out just what the California costs and if it’s a price you are willing to pay.

However, if you’re happy to consider a campervan that isn’t based on a VW, what are the options? How about a Renault Trafic based ‘van? Then tune in to our show on The Motorhome Channel as we look back on our Editor Niall’s Hillside Leisure Ellastone review. Again, it has the classic campervan layout, as in the California, Hillside’s ‘van also with a great kitchen and an impressive amount of storage. Tune in for our full review, to see why Niall thinks the Ellastone is cracking value for money.

After the break, we’ve a fourth campervan review, as we rewind to our test of the eye-catching Wellhouse Terrier Rosso. Based on the Ford Tourneo Custom, it gives you a lot of kit for your cash and, with this special edition, the colour-matched interior looks super-smart. As you’d expect, the layout follows the same classic configuration as the other campers we’ve seen, but the distinctive features of this well-built ‘van make it one to watch. See it for yourself in our TV show on The Motorhome Channel on Sky 192 and Freesat 402, or live online.

Another base vehicle you might like to consider when looking for a campervan is the Mercedes-Benz Vito. Practical Motorhome’s Test Editor Mike Le Caplain took the Vito-based Auto-Sleeper Wave on tour to the Isle of Thant in Kent – tune in and find out more.

Finally, well, we couldn’t have a TV show dedicated to campervans without mentioning the most famous of them all, the classic VW campervan. We visited a company that restores these iconic vehicles. Watch our programme and enjoy looking round these delightful and lovingly restored ‘vans by a company for which originality is key. Perhaps it will inspire your next purchase?

So if you have a craving for campervans, you won’t want to miss this Summer Special. All our TV shows are made by the Practical Motorhome magazine editorial team in association with Information TV, each episode broadcast 10 times across a two-week period on The Motorhome Channel. Head to Freesat 402 or Sky 192 and look for Showcase TV, or watch live online. This show will be aired between Monday 3 August and Sunday 16 August 2015 at these times, on these days:

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