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Cadillacs and camper vans may go together like a horse and marriage, but that hasn’t stopped some determined DIYers in the US from a bit of cutting and shunting.

At the time of writing, a 1956 Cadillac Sedan Deville camper conversion is up for sale at eBay — there are six hours still left on the auction and the $1,525 top bid has not met the reserve price.

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The Caddy has the original 5.6 litre V8 engine and is described as “running”, although the seller does point out that it’s in need of a service. Judging by the interior photos, the accommodation area could do with a bit of sprucing up, too…

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According to motoring blog Jalopnik, Cadillac camper vans were produced on a limited commercial basis throughout the 1950s, 50s and 60s and were apparently known as ‘Caddy Shacks’. Most, however, were aftermarket conversions and the model listed on eBay is a definite labour of love by persons unknown.

Sadly, the cost of shipping to the UK is likely to make this particular item an impractical purchase for anyone who fancies an exotic project…

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