Bürstner has revealed a more than usually innovative line-up for its 2022 season, which includes a coachbuilt range with an expanding roof, a van conversion that runs on compressed natural gas (CNG) and three news layouts.

Lyseo Gallery

The Lyseo Gallery range looks initially like a conventional low-profile motorhome. But the front section of the roof can be elevated into an overcab at the touch of a button and in 90 seconds.

Lyseo Gallery. Credit Burstner

The Erwin Hymer Group subsidiary has developed and patented inflatable walls to the overcab that create a space that can be used as a bed, as a work area, or somewhere to relax in. The overcab is also accessible from the inside via fixed stairs.

Within its vans conversion range, Bürstner has also bucked the trend for exploring all electric alternatives to the internal combustion engine by launching the Eliseo CNG.

Based on a “Natural Power” Fiat Ducato, this is a hybrid vehicle that can run on compressed natural gas (CNG) for a range of 400 miles, while it has a 15-litre petrol tank as a back-up.

CNG is seen as an eco-friendly alternative to diesel engines because it produces no particulate emissions and low nitrogen oxide, and has carbon emissions that are similar to modern petrol and diesel engines. Alternatively, as the Eliseo CNG can also run on biogas, you could reduce its carbon emissions to zero.

Eliseo Erdgas

Within the Eliseo range itself, the 6.36m-long C641 and 5.99m-long C600 have both been replaced by, respectively, the C642 and C602, which now come with Vario washrooms. In addition, the new C644 features a curved rear lounge and an electric drop-down bed as well as a free-standing table that can also be used outside.