Bürstner’s main focus for 2020 is its Lyseo entry-level range on a Mercedes Sprinter base – the Lyseo M Harmony Line. But a few more upmarket tweaks to the Fiat-based double-floor Lyseo TD Harmony Line means there is now space for the German company to introduce its Lyseo Time Limited, with single floors and a lower price.

Oh lord, won’t you buy me…

The Lyseo M range is initially being introduced with just two layouts, both under 7m in length.

Head of product management Markus Pangerl said that, even with just two models, it was still important for Bürstner to include a Mercedes-based range: “People like the rear-wheel drive with the Sprinter, even though it makes it 150kg heavier, because it gives extra stability.”

The Mercedes base vehicle comes with crosswind assist, main beam assist, hill start assist and active braking assist all as standard.

The 690G features the very common fixed single beds that can merge into a double at the back. But the 660 has the now less usual French bed with a corner washroom, including a toilet right at the back.

Export sales manager Guido Ventner says that 10 years ago, this layout accounted for about half of the 6000 or so motorhomes Bürstner was then producing. He concedes it has fallen out of popularity since – but says that Bürstner thinks it might be coming back into fashion.

Both ‘vans have a flat floor and the ‘Vario’ washroom, where a partition swings across for a separated shower.

Harmony Line spec gives you a choice of three colours inside: Rosario Pure – duck-egg blue seats and grey carpets – Merida Pure and Bari Pure.

In the 660 and 690G, as long as you don’t go for the drop-down bed, you also get an entrance that includes an understated frosted-glass cocktail cabinet, and a Skyroof XL rooftlight with indirect lighting.

Bürstner also wants to simplify the many option packs; so for the UK market, the only ones available are the Winter Pack, which includes a Truma Combi 6E heater and underfloor heating, and the Driver Assistance pack, which offers high-beam assist and active lane control.

Not including these two has enabled the company to keep the UK price for both models just below £72,000.

Limited time

Although the Lyseo Times are available in more formats on the Continent, for the UK market, there will be just the three low-profile Lyseo Time T Limited models, all immediately distinguished by their silver Fiat cab.

The three layouts are the 690G and the 727G, both with fixed single beds, and the 736, with an island bed.

Standard fittings include alloys and larger garage doors. But to keep the price under £60,000 for all three, Bürstner has made AEBS (which includes emergency brake assist, traffic sign recognition, and rain and light sensors) an optional extra in the UK, while in Europe, it will be fitted as standard.

Other options include a solar panel and external barbecue point.

Inside you can have an optional drop-down bed over the front lounge, while the kitchens include a coffee pod holder and, for the UK, an oven.

Even more harmony

For 2020, Bürstner has given its Lyseo TD Harmony Line range something of a facelift. Improvements include a new-look rear light cluster, while the major change on the inside is the more modern-looking Santina and Bahia upholstery and furniture. These substitute traditional wood finish for a grey and beige, more technical look.

Innovations in the kitchen include a sink cover that swivels to act as a worktop extension.

Two new Lyseo TD Harmony Line ‘vans could also be making their debut later in the year at the NEC. One, the 732, should include an island bed and come in at under 7m in length. The second is still under wraps.

Other changes

Bürstner has also been helped by the fall in sterling, so that UK prices for the 2020 season remain much the same as they were in 2019.

In addition, the firm says, it has hedged some foreign currency to help protect its dealers against any fluctuations in the near future.

With all of the attention focused on the Lyseos this time, the Ixeo, Elegance and Argos ranges remain relatively unchanged. Last year’s radical lounge-free layout has survived in the City Car Harmony Line 603, although the 600 remains the top-seller in van conversions.

Our pick – Lyseo TD 744 Harmony Line

We have always liked the layout in this ‘van, which Bürstner rightly terms the “three-room apartment”. With its rear lounge, featuring L-shaped seating and a coffee table, you really do feel at home.

The new modern look to the upholstery, however, has moved things up a notch, making the interior appear far less chintzy, and something you wouldn’t be ashamed of showing your most design-conscious friends.