For many motorcaravanners having a bike on tour is an essential part of a trip – an easy way to get out and about with the added benefit of providing some much needed exercise.

Now, leading voices from the cycle and leisure industry have joined forces to create a campaign #BikeIsBest designed to promote bike riding. The campaign shows that every person on a bike is contributing towards cleaner air, gridlock free cities and more available space on public transport.

When you look at the statistics, it make absolute sense to take up cycling. In the UK, two thirds (68%) of all journeys are under five miles; a distance that can be easily cycled by most people. For motorcaravanners it can be an easy and enjoyable part of our holiday experience, no need to use the car on a day out close to site.

The campaign includes an inspirational film, which contrasts the two different paths that lie ahead post lock down, featuring a protagonist returning to “normal” in search of so-called freedom – only to be met by crowded trains, traffic jams and endless waiting – before showing viewers the many benefits that cycling could yield.

World champion cyclist Shanaze Reade and broadcaster Jacqui Oatley MBE have committed to help raise awareness of the campaign.

Sports presenter Jacqui Oatley

If you’re interested in cycling, check out a new microsite created to help educate new riders about the many benefits of cycling and help break down perceived barriers to getting on a bike, which is packed full of helpful tips and guides. The site includes a pledge system encouraging non-riders to mark their commitment to give cycling short
journeys a go.

Cycling World Champion, Shanaze Reade

#BikeIsBest campaign ambassador and multiple UCI BMX & Track Cycling World Champion, Shanaze Reade said: “I’m really proud and excited to be part of the #BikeIsBest campaign. COVID-19 has completely reshaped all of our lives over the past few months. Although it has presented many challenges, as a nation we now have the single biggest opportunity to disrupt the way we travel in a generation and simply support more people to get on their bikes. We need a unified approach, so it’s brilliant to see brands across the industry join together to get behind this.”