is running a week of ‘Black Friday’ deals for the second year running this week, from 21 to 25 November.

In the US, Black Friday is the day after Thanksgiving Day, when shops start their sales to kick off the Xmas shopping season.

Thanksgiving obviously has no relevance in the UK, but although we have similar sales that start on Boxing Day, US online retailers with a presence in the UK seem keen on giving us a Black Friday, too.

Amazon’s deals consist of limited numbers of certain products that are discounted for a limited period that must be purchased within 15 minutes of being added to the shopping basket.

Last year’s Black Friday deals weren’t particularly tempting and many customers complained about not being able to buy any of them — and many customers simply added discounted items to their shopping baskets with no intention of buying them.

Even so, it’s worth keeping an eye on the Black Friday deals page for any bargains — just be quick to click to avoid missing out.