Adria reported strong sales in its motorhome ranges for 2019, so it’s no surprise to see that it is entering the 2020 season with only some fairly small changes across its line-up.

The Slovenian company has, however, noted the trend towards smaller motorhomes and now offers shorter floorplans in its Sonic, Matrix, Coral and Coral XL ranges, as well as in its attractive Compact range.

Various lighting improvements, along with tweaks to garages with additional lighting, sockets and so on, have also been made.


Numerous motorhome manufacturers are launching their 2020 models on the Fiat Ducato base with the new 6D engines; at Adria this means AdBlue technology, and Stop/Start functionality on the more powerful 160bhp and 180bhp versions (140bhp is standard), as well as the option of the new nine-speed automatic gearbox (on certain models). The new engines will appear right across the company’s 2020 offerings.

Adria’s popular Twin van range continues much as in 2019; there are four layouts, across two spec levels.

These are Supreme, Adria’s top level of specification, and Plus, its mid-level spec. One change, however, is the introduction of the 600 SPB into the Plus-spec range.

This features a transverse fixed bed and a sliding door on the ‘correct’ side for the UK. Twin models are set to retail from £47,995 to £50,995.

Next up is the Compact range, which was originally launched in 2007 and now features the high-end Supreme specification and styling, in addition to the mid-level Plus.

This is available across both the DL (fixed single beds) and SP (transverse bed) layouts, and all have a 2.12m width – very practical when you’re on the road. Supreme ‘vans are marked out by their silver body colour, while Plus models are white. The Compact will cost from £53,995 to £56,995 OTR.

The Ducato-Based Coral range has been a mainstay in Adria’s offerings for years, and it continues into the 2020 season with various floorplans across the three specification levels.

There are four models in Supreme spec, five in Plus and three in the entry-level Axess. The latter now features a new 6.99m layout, the 600SL. This has fixed single beds at the back and an L-shaped dinette up front. An ingenious drop-down seat beside the door means an additional occupant can relax here in comfort.

This particular model will retail for £57,995; it’s the cheapest Coral, with other models costing up to £66,995. Two Silver limited-edition layouts will also be available in this range.

The Coral XL overcab line-up, meanwhile, is also joined by a more compact model – the 600DP features a transverse bed in a 6.99m, six-berth floorplan, priced at £60,995.


The Matrix ‘crossover’ range – which Adria claims offers the spaciousness of an A-class in a coachbuilt body – gets a variety of new layouts. Supreme spec sees the arrival of the 7.5m-long fixed-single-bed 670DL; this layout also now appears in Plus level.

The 600DT – a neatly designed 7m vehicle with full-height storage at the back and a roomy rear washroom – is also a new addition for Matrix Plus.

Entry-level Matrix Axess vehicles now include the island-bed 600SC, the fixed-single-bed 600SL, and our favourite, the rear-kitchen, 5.96m four-berth 520ST (see below). Matrix models are set to cost between £54,995 and £67,995 for the new season.

A-class buyers, meanwhile, should be well catered for with the Sonic model, which this year looks even more striking, thanks to a neat redesign of the front grille.

The range is now available in Axess specification in the form of the 600SL, a 6.99m-long five-berth with fixed single beds, and Truma heating in lieu of the Alde system found in the higher-spec Supreme models.

That difference is really reflected in the pricing: the Axess model is available for £70,995, while Supreme models range in price from £89,995 to £99,995.

Across the company’s motorhome ranges, observant buyers will notice a number of small but significant tweaks. A new garage design offers an improved floor, an increased number of sockets, better fixing points and so on, while in the accommodation areas, night-time illumination has been improved throughout.

New upholstery and textiles are also available, and new Luxe mattresses help to improve sleeping comfort.


This cleverly designed Citröen-based model is the shortest in the Matrix range, at just 5.96m in length, and is a refresh of the previous 590ST model. Despite its short length, it manages to feel very spacious inside and still offers four berths – we particularly like the smart fold-out step that allows you to reach the upper bed. The kitchen is a great size, too.