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IN THIS NEW episode of our show on The Motorhome Channel, in association with Motorhome Depot, we take a first look inside two exciting new 'vans, plus we consider downsizing and touring solo.

IN THIS NEW episode of our show on The Motorhome Channel, in association with Motorhome Depot, we take a first look inside two exciting new 'vans, plus we consider downsizing and touring solo. So you don't miss out, tune in on Freesat 402 or Sky 192, or watch the show live online on your computer or laptop – simply click here.


Tune in to see Practical Motorhome’s Editor Niall Hampton showing us round the brand new, 2015 Escape from the Swift Group, an affordable range packed with kit. This latest model is based on the new Fiat Ducato, so it has a smart looking front end with daytime running lights. This 696, one of two high line models in the Escape range, is actually a six-berth, with two double beds and two bunk beds at the rear. It also has a well equipped kitchen with tonnes of storage space. Moving into the Escape 696’s washroom, again it is well equipped and again there is a good amount of storage space, perfect for a family ‘van. Niall is particularly impressed by this motorhome’s new for 2015 cab, which has two cupholders, plus it now benefits from USB and auxiliary inputs as standard.


Next in our latest TV show, Andy Harris joins us to talk about downsizing with owner Jackie who has recently done just that with her WildAx Constellation. She shares her reasons for downsizing and how it’s impacted her and her husband’s touring lifestyle – maybe it will inspire you, too? She’s managed it despite holidaying with four dogs, so we're sure you can do just the same. Find out more in our show on Freesat 402 and Sky 192 – please scroll to the bottom to see when and where to catch our TV show.


In this episode we also join Practical Motorhome’s Bryony Symes on tour in the Cotswolds. She has pitched her Swift motorhome at Tobacconist Farm and visits Nailsworth, as well as the very nicely landscaped Briarfields Touring and Camping Site. While pitched at Briarfields, she leaves her ‘van on site, jumps on a bus and heads to Gloucester, to check out the docks and the cathedral. She also visits Cheltenham to enjoy the town’s Regency architecture, shops and parks, and goes to the Pittville Pump Room.


Then Andy is back, meeting another motorcaravanner who talks about touring solo. Jeanette has adjusted to holidaying alone, following the death of her partner, valuing the camaraderie that this lifestyle brings. It is an inspiring tale and we urge you to tune in for her story. Remember, The Motorhome Channel is on Sky 192, on Freesat 402 and live online, at the times stated at the end of this article.


And we have a second motorhome review, as Niall looks at the Benimar Mileo 201, a make of ‘van seldom seen in the UK, but Marquis Leisure’s new deal might mean this is about to change. Niall likes the high contrast colour scheme inside this motorhome and the two-tone leather seats, while the well equipped kitchen doesn’t pass unnoticed, either. There’s also a midships washroom and a fixed, transverse rear bed above a rear garage, and the bed can go up and down to change the amount of space available beneath. It’s a great value ‘van and it has reversing cameras included in the spec.


Practical Motorhome magazine’s team works alongside Information TV to produce these programmes that are shown exclusively on The Motorhome Channel, which you'll find on Sky 192 and Freesat 402. If you don’t have these channels, tune in live online on The Motorhome Channel website.


You can catch this show between Monday 18 August 2014 and Sunday 31 August 2014 on these days, at these times:

  • Monday at 8.30pm
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And you can get more videos from Practical Motorhome on our YouTube channel.


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