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TOPIC: Help buying used van. Bad news from last owner...

Help buying used van. Bad news from last owner... 9 months 1 day ago #8972

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So after looking for a long time at different vans I decided to put a deposit on an old talbot talisman. Everyone says to take someone with you who knows about cars, but I don't have the luxury of knowing someone who does.
I went down to a dealer in somerset to look at a few old vans that had a really good price. This old Talbot had some old mot history for rust, but the last MOT only had one advisory for being undersealed. It was really tidy inside, engine looked great runs really well, and no sign of cosmetic rust at all, but couldn't see much underneath with the underseal. I went with a dealer cos I wanted the assurance of a warranty, and like I said, I don't know much, but figured Id learn on the way. So with a bit of a push from my mum, I put down a deposit. The price was 6990, which is expensive for one of these, but I figured if its all clean its okay. It comes with 3 month warrenty, new MOT, and habitation check.
So I posted about this van on the fb page for autosleepers, and ive been contracted by the previous owner, who got rid of it in px. He told me when he got rid of it, they told him it needed extensive welding underneath, and he thinks its going to need major work in the next year. Ive since read that its quite common to badly repair rust and hide it with underseal. The last owner told me it was undersealed when he bought it, so je doesn't know about the work.
Since 7K is a lot for one of these, I was expecting something clean, and while theres money there, I don't have the budget for extensive rust work in the next year, and ive heard of good welding costing more than the vehicle is worth at this age.

Sorry for the essay.. I know you can't expect tk have no issues with a vehicle this age, but im worried about ending up with a lot of problems now.
Do I have any rights after putting down the deposit?

here's the reg if you're interested

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