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TOPIC: Dehumidifier

Dehumidifier 6 months 5 days ago #9093

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Can anyone recommend a dehumidifier to put in our (relatively) small Autosleepers Inca (6m)? Noticed a couple of spot on the liner of the roof/ceiling today.

Thanks in advance for any ideas,


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Hi - you can buy electric ones if you park outside house but they will need emptying quite regularly or why not just buy one of those cheap ones from Wilko or B and Q that have water absorbing tablets inside? Sorry no details but all DIY shops have them
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Dehumidifier 5 months 4 weeks ago #9095

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Look up rechargeable dehumidifier on Ebay I have two work very well.
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I believe Auto-Sleepers made the “Inca” model from 2004 to 2006, so it’s perhaps not too surprising that the ceiling-lining of yours is now starting to show discoloration.

There is a good deal of on-line discussion (GOOGLE on “motorhome dehumidifier”) including this Practical Motorhome article


However, if you want to keep dry all the air in your motorhome’s interior, an inexpensive container of desiccant crystals will not be adequate. It might be OK for a small space - a wardrobe for instance - but for an Inca’s whole interior you would need a dehumidifier with much greater air-drying performance and you would probably need to run it continuously.

A motorhome’s interior is not well sealed, with the outside air able to enter through deliberatelly provided roof-window ventilation apertures and gas drop-vents, never mind the commonplace draughts caused by poor fridge installation, poorly fitting door seals etc. So, if the outside air is moisture-heavy and the air inside the motorhome is no longer being dried, the air in the motorhome will soon become as wet as the air outside..

You can try using a dehumidifier to combat mould formation on the ceiling but, realistically, you will need a good quality appliance and operate it not just for short periods of time. Meaco market a range of 230V-powered dehumidifiers


but I cannot advise on how effective they might be as I have never used any type of dehumidifier during the November-February 4-month period that my motorhomes have been static outside in all weathers in the UK.
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