Frankia F-Line i890 GD - The entry-level F-Line A-class range get a new front design and two new models for 2019 (© Practical Motorhome)

Frankia's 2019 line-up

Published 5th July 2018 Motorhomes

UK-friendly rear lounges play a big part in Frankia's 2019 line-up. And there's also good news for those who like longer, heavier models

Crossing Bowcombe Creek - The Ventura VR200 looking pretty as I crossed Bowcombe Creek, which runs into the Kingsbridge Estuary (© Practical Caravan / Phil Russell)

Delving into Devon

Published 28th June 2018 Travel and touring

To kick off my summer's touring, I headed to the ever-popular south coast of Devon in search of secluded bays and pastoral views.

Auto-Trail Imala 732 exterior - Snow stopped play for Sarah. (© Practical Motorhome)

Imala is ready for action

Published 16th May 2018 Motorhomes

Editor Sarah Wakely can't wait to test our new Auto-Trail Imala 732, but the weather has other plans.

Auto-Trail Imala 732 - Our Imala is proving spacious and comfortable, and very manoeuvrable (© Practical Motorhome)

A new way to the New Forest

Published 16th May 2018 Motorhomes

The Auto-Trail Imala 732 joins our test fleet of 'vans. Here reviews editor Peter Baber has the chance to test the vehicle out on two really long runs.

Auto-Trail Imala 732 - 1 - Well-spaced pitches at Bracelands made for a peaceful, relaxing stay in the Imala 732. (© Practical Motorhome)

Imala shines in rain or sun

Published 14th May 2018 Motorhomes

After a few aborted attempts editor Sarah Wakely finally manages to get away to the Forest of Dean in our long-term-test Auto-Trail Imala 732.

Practical Motorhome – Making new memories - Keeping it in the family, Nathan's mother's bequest means everyone can enjoy new adventures (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

Making new memories

Published 23rd April 2018 Blog

Wanting to satisfy his wanderlust, Nathan Evans used his mum’s bequest to buy a motorhome – the family now enjoys adventures that would make her proud!

Practical Motorhome – What's our Best Adult-Only Site 2018? - Discover our number one adult-only site and the 17 other child-free retreats in our Top 100 Sites Guide 2018 (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

What's our Best Adult-Only Site 2018?

Published 11th April 2018 Blog

It's time for another highlight from the Top 100 Sites Guide 2018 as we check out the British park you voted the Best Adult-Only Site – what's our winner?

Practical Motorhome – When is a fault not a fault? - Scanning and clearing stored fault codes might delay fixing the problem on your motorhome, says our expert (© Practical Motorhome)

When is a fault not a fault?

Published 9th April 2018 Blog

Get advice on fault-finding, code-clearing and the importance of applying logic when troubleshooting from Practical Motorhome's expert Diamond Dave

Practical Motorhome – What's our Best Green Site for 2018? - Find out why the adults-only Royal Vale Caravan Park near Knutsford was a winner! (© Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

What's our Best Green Site for 2018?

Published 6th April 2018 Blog

Join us as we celebrate the park crowned Best Green Site in our Top 100 Sites Guide 2018 – and discover why we think it is worthy of that accolade

Practical Motorhome – Tour That Changed My Life April 2018 – 1 - Readers Natasha and Jon Gooch love the freedom and flexibility that touring gives them – read on to find out more! (© Natasha Gooch/Simon Mortimer/Practical Motorhome)

On the sunny side of life!

Published 4th April 2018 Blog

Loving the freedom of touring but not the tight dimensions of their VW camper van, Natasha Gooch and husband Jon went searching for their dream ’van!

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