Living the dream on the open road is what motorcaravanning is all about, right? Meet intrepid first-timers Greg and Michelle Fuller and be inspired!

Sometimes in life you realise that you just have to explore the world and seek new adventures. You have to shake up what is an otherwise repetitive existence, plugging away at the ordinary day-to-day routines.

We forged a plan to exploit an unexpected opportunity and awaken ourselves to a chance that few people of our age have, and quit our jobs. Our one responsibility was our adorable golden cocker spaniel called Juno.

We’d never camped before, let alone driven a motorhome, but decided having a home on wheels was the best way in which we could flow through Europe as a family.

We set off, internet research in hand, to look at motorhomes for sale. We had quickly established that motorhome hire didn’t make any sense for the length of time we were planning. And that buying new might mitigate the depreciation costs should we wish to sell after our journey.

At Lowdhams Nottingham we were pointed in the direction of Knaus and not long after we ordered a Knaus Sun Ti 650MF, which we took delivery of in April 2016.

Going with the flow

Our plan was to tour Europe, but we never established an exact route, preferring instead to take it as it comes.

We wanted to enjoy the places we liked and move quickly from the places we didn’t. At the time of writing it is the end of August and we are pitched in the Dordogne.

It’s been an incredible journey so far. From south east France – with the Gorge du Verdon and lavender fields being highlights – we made our way through Italy (Barolo truly is the king of wines).

Then we relished the charms and hospitality that Germany may not widely be known for, but has in abundance. Next we headed back into France through beautiful Alsace. And now we plan to delve deeper south into Spain as we chase a sunnier climate.

It has been amazing how quickly the three of us have adapted to motorhome life with the variety of free camping and campsites at our disposal.

We have found Italian campsites to be full of character, French aires to be a real mix of hit and miss, and German Stellplätze to be amazingly well organised and generous.

Our favourite experiences, though, have been the vineyard stays, which have offered a delightful mix of romantic settings and wine tasting – what’s not to like?

We have another month to go in Europe, but are already planning our next adventure... We've decided to jump back into the ’van in February and head for a skiing break through the Alps. We may be hooked!

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