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CELEBRITY MOTORHOMES TEND to have extra special features and unique design quirks. We take a look at some of the ones we'd like in our own dream motorhome.

Johnny Cash's tour bus


CELEBRITY MOTORHOMES TEND to have extra special features and unique design quirks. We take a look at some of the ones we'd like in our own dream motorhome.


The things that some celebrities do to 'pimp' their motorhomes are remarkable. And many would argue that they would like these same conveniences in their own home-on-the-road.


We stumbled across some videos on Youtube from 'Celebrity Motorhome' TV Show on HGTV, and Motor Home Specialist, an RV dealer based in Texas which has some monster motorhomes. These videos gave us a glimpse into the no-limits customisation that goes on in the mighty US RV industry.


Jake Owen

Jake Owen, US country singer, added a beer tap to his sink surround and installed a pull-out unit outside the motorhome with a fridge in it, so that he and his friends could relax outside the tour bus with a cold beer.


General 2

This fridge is in a slide-out on the outside of the motorhome, so the drinks are in easy reach as you watch the sun go down


General 3

This beer tap was specially installed, so you don't have to find the nearest pub for a perfectly pulled pint


Watch the full tour on YouTube (skip to 1:35 for the interesting part).


Zac Brown

Another Country singer, Zac Brown, has a bespoke motorhome which doubles as a recording studio.


General 4General 5

Zac Brown's motorhome doubles as a recording studio and is custom built for ultimate comfort


Kellie Pickler

Yet more country star bling can be seen in Kellie Pickler's glitzy, custom-made motorhome. Her shoe display is very impressive.


General 6General 7

This motorhome has a carefully designed, fully lit shoe display closet. Perfect for shopaholics, but not so much for caravanning!


Will Smith

Not to mention Will Smith's $2.5million motor-mansion which Kate blogged about. It is 1200 square feet, with a roof-raising 'home cinema', 14 TV screens and granite worktops. It has slide-outs, two storeys and an elevating roof, even a wardrobe room! The one thing he is missing is a bed, but who needs one of those, when you've got 6+ plush leather sofas?


It has to be said that some of them go a bit overboard...

Who is going to be able to watch 14 LCD TVs? Plus, with so much glass, wood and other extras, the weight of the vehicle will be through the roof and the resulting MPG financially crippling.


Holiday Rambler Endeavour

Some of the modifications are quite sensible, though. Such as the Holiday Rambler Endeavour's side and reversing cameras, outside shower and built in vacuum system.


General 8General 9

The side cameras, which switch on automtically when you indicate, and the outside shower could prove very useful, as could air levelling systems


The Elegant Lady


General 10

The 'Elegant Lady' has plenty of outdoor storage space, including a fridge, a 46" plasma TV and a washing up area


This 'Elegant Lady' from Liberty Coaches in the US is also very extravagant. There is even a remote system that controls the TVs, the blinds, temperature, custom lighting and automated doors.


Ultimus Prime

That hardly compares, though to this Australian motorhome-double decker and trailer. It houses a helicopter, classic motorbike, Jeep-style four-wheel drive and still has two levels of luxury accommodation.


General 11

The Ultimus Prime has a helicoptor launch pad in a trailer with a lift system


The owner has called his motorhome 'Ultimus Prime'. The trailer is secretly a launching pad for his helicopter. It even has an upstairs balcony, for taking in the stunning Australian views. This is extreme motorhome customisation!


Johnny Cash

Compare these modern mansions on wheels to the class and simplicity of the tour bus that Johnny Cash used for the last two decades of his career.


General 12

The celebrity motorhomes of today are light years ahead of Johnny Cash's tour bus, fitted out in 1979, the 'JC Unit One'


This much older customised bus reflects the fashions and technology of the time, and acts as a mirror to highlight the innovation and enormity of modern-day tour buses, motorhomes and RVs.


Let us know what alterations you would have on your motorhome, if money was no object, either by commenting below, visiting our Facebook page or finding us on Twitter.

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