When you’re looking for a new ‘van, you’re going to want one of the best motorhomes available. However, there are a vast selection of models on the market, and choosing the right model can be a daunting prospect. To help to make it a simpler process, we’re taking a look at two 4 berth motorhomes that are made by two of the best motorhome manufacturers out there – the Wingamm Oasi 610 ST and the Swift Kon-Tiki 764.

They’re both sure to provide you with a great touring experience – but how do they compare? We find out…

The basic specification

Wingamm Oasi 610 ST

The Wingamm Oasi 610 ST
  • Price: £99,785
  • Berth: 4
  • MTPLM: 3500kg
  • MiRO: 2820kg
  • Payload: 680kg
  • Shipping length: 6.10m
  • Width: 2.25m

Swift Kon-Tiki 764

The Swift Kon-Tiki 764
  • Price: £79,295
  • Berth: 4
  • MTPLM: 4500kg
  • MiRO: 3397kg
  • Payload: 1103kg
  • Shipping length: 7.84m
  • Width: 2.38m

Wingamm Oasi 610 ST vs Swift Kon-Tiki 764: Design

The Oasi is built on a Fiat Ducato and is finished in a very stylish pure white, complete with smart black alloys.

In the cab, you’ll find air conditioning and adjustable steering, a Kenwood DAB radio, cruise control, sat nav and cab blinds included. The monocoque construction also ensures you should find it nice and quiet inside too, even when parked on a main road.

The Swift Kon-Tiki 764 is a classy four-berth on a 4500kg Fiat Ducato chassis, so you’ll have to make sure you have the appropriate license for it. However, you get a payload of 1103kg, as opposed to the Oasi’s 680kg.

The Kon-Tiki 764 is also longer; while the Wingamm has a shipping length of 6.10m, the Kon-Tiki is 7.84m.

Wingamm Oasi 610 ST vs Swift Kon-Tiki 764: Lounge

The lounge in the Oasi has seating for four, but in our opinion, is ideal for two. There’s a nice contemporary interior; the gloss-white finish and chrome handles look stylish, while we like the presence of adjustable lights.

The lounge in the Wingamm Oasi 610 ST
The lounge in the Wingamm Oasi 610 ST

We think the Kon-Tiki 764 has a similarly stylish interior. An Aguri foldout travel seat can be found beneath each settee, allowing four to travel. Around the table, you’ll also find room for four; we like the convenience provided by being able to fold and swing it round.

The Swift_Kon_Tiki_lounge
The lounge in the Swift Kon-Tiki 764

It’s nicely lit, thanks to the sunroof, while LEDs provide night lighting. Four spotlights – all with an integrated USB point – are included, while we like how the ambient lighting makes the silver and white decor feel that bit warmer.

To the right of the door, you’ll find sockets for a television – if you’re looking for one to take away with you, our guide to the best motorhome TVs is a great place to start.

Wingamm Oasi 610 ST vs Swift Kon-Tiki 764: Kitchen

A compact side kitchen is on offer in the Oasi; it’s worth noting that the equipment levels aren’t brilliant, but we were impressed by the storage on offer. The presence of a big sink limits the amount of worktop that’s available, although there’s also a solid sink cover that can be used as well.

The kitchen in the Wingamm Oasi 610 ST
The kitchen in the Wingamm Oasi 610 ST

You don’t get a grill, oven or microwave – instead, you have to make do with a two-burner gas hob. However, there are two decently sized overhead lockers, along with three drawers and corner cupboard storage.

The window opens, ensuring you get good ventilation, while an extractor fan is also useful. There’s only a single mains socket that can be used though.

The Kon-Tiki 764’s kitchen may not come with a roof light or Heki, but it still provides an Omnivent. A large extension can be used to increase the work space on offer.

The Swift Kon-Tiki's kitchen
The Swift Kon-Tiki 764’s kitchen

While the Oasi doesn’t provide them, you’ll find a separate oven and grill in the Kon-Tiki, along with a Dometic microwave with inbuilt ceramic plate. There’s also a dual-fuel four-burner hob and a 133-litre two-way opening fridge.

Wingamm Oasi 610 ST vs Swift Kon-Tiki 764: Washroom

We think the Oasi has a really classy washroom, with a decently sized circular shower cubicle that’s also well-lit. We found there was more than enough room to change in here, while we also liked the large basin, with a good storage space provided beneath.

The washroom in the Wingamm Oasi 610 ST
The washroom in the Wingamm Oasi 610 ST

If there was one complaint, it would be the absence of a roof vent, but even then, the opening window provides ventilation.

The mirror by the washroom contributes to a spacious area in the Kon-Tiki. At the rear of this, you’ll find a shower cubicle that provides good headroom and a riser bar. A roof vent and drying rail are also appreciated additions, although there’s only a single plughole.

Wingamm Oasi 610 ST vs Swift Kon-Tiki 764: Sleeping

You’ll have to pull the main bed down manually in the Oasi, but we found the mechanisms simple to operate. The bunks that are at the back are a decent size, and provide comfortable mattresses; a small adult could probably getaway with the lower one if required.

The rear bedroom in the Kon-Tiki 764 also provides a comfortable bed. It’s a well-lit space, thanks to two spotlights with USB points and a large Heki.

The rear double in the Swift Kon-Tiki

A cupboard can be opened up to reveal a mirror, while an additional ledge is ideal for storing cosmetics.

The second double can be made from the two parallel settees in the lounge. This is done by sliding them forward to meet the lowered table, as well as pulling out a little platform. A touch we liked is that no infills are needed for this, so you don’t need to worry about stowing any in the wardrobe.

Wingamm Oasi 610 ST vs Swift Kon-Tiki 764: Storage

We think the Oasi offers good storage throughout. The deep overhead lockers are useful, as are the plywood bases beneath the front seating. You’ll also get a wardrobe near the rear bunks, although it’s likely to be something of a squeeze for four, while the rear garage is also excellent.

The Kon Tiki’s travel seats mean you get no storage beneath the settees, but you do get a large area beneath the bed that is externally accessible. You also have a useful place for storing outdoor furniture, thanks to the skirting drawers. We reckon you could fit at least one bike in the garage, and it comes with 12V and mains sockets, lighting and USB ports.

There are also some decent overhead lockers inside, along with good kitchen storage.


One thing is certain with either of these ‘vans – both motorhomes will provide you with a great base for making some wonderful memories.

We really liked the Oasi and if you’re mainly touring as a couple and sometimes taking the grandchildren away with you, it could be the ‘van for you. It has a luxurious interior, with an excellent build quality.

The Kon-Tiki is similarly ideal for couples, providing a homely vibe and an elegant interior.

A consideration could be how you feel about touring without an oven and grill – the Oasi doesn’t provide these, the Kon-Tiki does.

However, the biggest difference between the two is the licence requirement – you get over 400kg of extra payload in the Kon-Tiki, and it’s also over a metre longer, but to drive it, you’d need a C1 licence.

You can find more about both ‘vans in our reviews of the Wingamm Oasi 610 ST and the Swift Kon-Tiki 764.

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