Fancy an extended tour? These highly sought-after Hymer motorhomes will fit the bill perfectly. 

All were built on a Fiat Ducato chassis-cowl with Al-Ko Kober galvanised chassis extensions, featuring independently sprung tandem rear axles – so six wheels in total. They take more weight, offer better roadholding and more assured braking than most motorhomes. In addition, the Al-Ko torsion bar suspension doesn’t go soft over time. You can read more about the Fiat Ducato here and watch a video as Practical Motorhome goes behind the scenes at Al-Ko.

Hymer has many classes of this style of motorhome and uses its own labelling. The most popular are B-Class Hymer models, which are a premium rather than flagship offering.

Hymer’s E-Class is a high-end range on a par with the flagship Hymer S-Class motorhome, which is built on the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter.  

Tandem-axle layouts include the Hymer B 694 with low-level fixed transverse bed at the rear, B 694G with a high-level fixed transverse bed above a rear garage and the B 774 with twin high-level single beds above a narrower garage.

The tandem-axle E-class consisted of just one model, the E 690 with a low-level European-style French bed at the rear, with the washroom alongside. 

Essential facts

  • Hymer B-class and E-class tandem-axle models were built on Fiat Ducato base vehicles with Al-Ko Kober chassis
  • Built 1995-2006 in Germany.
  • Integral coachbuilt
  • Overall length: most were 7.71m (25’3.5”) long


Tips to help you buy better

What to look out for
Base vehicle 

Look for a full service history to check the intervals between servicing rather than the mileage – especially important on low-milers. Early Fiat Ducato models had a habit of dropping the fifth gear, but it’s a cheap and easy repair and doesn’t require the gearbox to be removed. It’s a bluff front for the engine to push along so be prepared to spend a lot of time in fourth gear. 


Early left-hand-drive examples lacked a gas oven and a microwave, so we recommend that you budget to buy a freestanding 230V halogen/microwave combi-unit and look for one that will fit in a kitchen cupboard.

Hymer has a good reputation for build quality, but there have been cases of water ingress and deterioration in the dimpled aluminium exterior wall cladding. However, in 2000 Hymer revised construction methods by introducing PUAL. It is a great insulator against temperature extremes and it also added tremendous rigidity to the build.


  • Rock steady on the road
  • Excellent build quality of cabinet work
  • Generous payloads 
  • Layouts suitable for extended occupation


  • Large turning circle
  • Automatic transmission is not available in a right-hand-drive version of this motorhome

Our expert’s pick

  • Older examples: Hymer E 690. 
  • Later examples: Hymer B 754 or Hymer B 774.
  • We’d opt for left-hand drive if most of our driving was going to be done abroad 

What to pay

1995 Hymer B 694s from just shy of £20,000 (typical dealer forecourt price). 

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Hymer motorhomes are sold all over the UK and you can find your nearest Hymer motorhome stockist here.