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Spotlight on Refrigerator Care

How often do you have your motorhome refrigerator serviced? Sammy Faircloth explains why it's so important to do this regularly, and how to get...


In depth guide to solar panels

Solar panels are a useful automatic fit-and-forget product that can help supply additional charge to your motorhome batteries - but understanding how to get...

On The Road

In depth guide to towing

Let's get hitched! Following recent changes in the towing laws, all drivers can tow a trailer without having to take an additional test. So...


Winter Battery Care

During periods of cold winter weather, you'll need to keep a close eye on your batteries to ensure they're powered up. Peter Rosenthal offers...


Buying your first motorhome

Whether you’re buying new or pre-owned, there are key points to consider when you head for the forecourts. Sammy Faircloth offers some expert advice

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