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New season preparation 10-point checklist

Published 8th February 2011 Advice

With spring just around the corner, make sure your motorhome is in tip-top shape for the touring season with our practical checklist

General 1

How to weigh your ’van

Published 4th February 2011 Base vehicle matters

Staying within your motorhome’s weight limits is critically important. If your vehicle is overloaded, you can be prosecuted and fined, but more importantly …

Build a travel toolkit

Build a travel toolkit

Published 12th January 2011 Advice

It’s always worth carrying a basic toolkit in your ’van. It’s handy for fixing annoying problems such as leaky pipes and broken window latches, and for sorting …

Watching satellite TV in the ’van

Setting up satellite TV

Published 3rd December 2010 Awnings and accessories

Whether you want to tour in the UK or on the Continent, satellite TV is a great way of keeping up with your favourite TV and radio programmes.How much does …


Touring away from hook-up

Published 1st December 2010 Base vehicle matters

You don’t need electric hook-up to enjoy a good holiday. In fact, equipping your van to survive without it gives you greater freedom and access to ‘hideaway’ …

Gentleman pushing his wife in wheelchair into motorhome

Motorhomes and mobility

Published 8th October 2010 Advice

If you’re disabled, motorcaravanning can be a wonderful way to broaden your horizons, and it’s easy to get started. Here are some tips and sound advice to get …

Car and motorhome collision

Find the right insurance

Published 8th October 2010 Advice

Our 10-step guide will help you find the best policy for all your motorcaravanning adventures.

1. The cheapest cover isn’t necessarily the …

Motorcaravan on scales

Safe loading and payloads

Published 8th October 2010 Advice

Exceeding your payload can affect your motorhome’s stability and stopping distances, and could land you with a fine or invalidate your insurance.

Passport and motorhome keys

Staying legal on tour abroad

Published 8th October 2010 Motorhomes and the law

It pays to make sure you’re on the right side of the law when you travel abroad. Here’s what you need to know.

Here are …

Selling a motorcaravan to a dealer

Selling your motorhome

Published 8th October 2010 Selling a motorhome

After buying a house, changing your motorhome will almost certainly make the biggest difference to your bank balance. So how do you get the best price for your …

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