Caravan and motorhome owners who like to catch up on a bit of sailing when they’re on holiday are a bit stuck if they want to use their own boat — a canoe carried on the roof is about the only option. But what about a dinghy that folds up to the size of a suitcase and can be stashed just about anywhere?

That’s just what the Origami boat offers — it’s a six or eight-foot dinghy that can carry up to three adults (220kg) and supports sail sizes up to 3.5 square metres or a 3.3hp outboard motor.

It’s made from a combination of plywood and the tarpaulin used for the sides of articulated lorry trailers. When folded up, the six-foot Origami is 6’2” long, 17” wide and 4” thick. One you’ve hauled its 15kg frame from the back of the van, the whole thing is ready to launch in about a minute.

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If you like the look of the Origami, the only catch is that you can’t actually buy one. The boat only exists as a £25, 100-page plan for enthusiastic DIY boat builders, although the construction is said to be so simple that anyone with basic woodworking skills can manage it. The designer also reckons that a finished six-foot vessel can be made in about 12 hours and the basic boat should cost no more than £200 in parts.

More details at the Wooden Widget web site.

[Origami via TreeHugger]